Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I've now created a twitter account. I'll post there more up to date infos what I'm currently developing. My username there is mikrueger.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Refactoring, refactoring, refactoring

I'm in the process improving the refactoring in MonoDevelop.

I hope that refactoring in MonoDevelop will be in a good shape 'really soon' (maybe in 1-2 months). I've looked at other tools eclipse, netbeans, intellij and michael hutchinson pointed me to some VS.NET plugins that add refactoring to VS.NET.

I've created a new refactoring plug in and have thrown any refactoring stuff in there, we've a basic refactoring infrastructure. The refactoring system is based on single changes. That means that refactorings generate a list of replacement operations which the user can view in a preview dialog (mostly the same as eclipse). However this preview dialog doesn't make sense for very small inline refactorings - they can be done without any dialog.

Now I'm improving the infrastructure by writing some small refactorings. I first thought writing extract method is enough. But that isn't the case, other refactorings need different stuff. Therefore I'll implement some more. Wanna help ?

I try to get my wife on board to help out with refactorings. She helped me to improve the refactoring infrastructure quite a bit (but the infrastructure needs some evolvement before I can write it down). And she tries to implement some refactorings. It's really helpful to have someone which I can see working with mono develop. Some of the more advanced mono develop editing features alienate users ... that's something I need to think over.
The features are really cool but are unpredictable for developers who don't know them.

I was a bit lazy with writing new features in the last few weeks, but I think that adding some refactorins is worth introducing a ton of new bugs. The other IDEs offer a wide range of refactorings that I found really useful - stay tuned for some cool refactorings the next few weeks.