Monday, June 14, 2010

My hack week project

Some people on twitter have requested that mono develop should have something like GhostDoc.

GhostDoc is an automated xml documentation generator for Visual Studio. During the hack week I took the chance to create something similiar - I call the addin DocFood.

I made a litte screen cast showing DocFood in action:

How to obtain DocFood:

+ Obtain a recent MonoDevelop source code (2.4 beta 2 - 2.4 final should work)
+ Set up monodevelop build environment
+ Go to DocFood@GooleCode and download DocFood.tgz.
+ extract the DocFood.tgz into the extras/ directory.
+ Open the .sln file with monodevelop & compile.
+ done.

Or wait for the 2.6 release ... (should show up into the trunk somewhere after 2.4)