Friday, May 27, 2011

MonoDevelop Quick Fixes

Many people requested quick fixes & code analyzation features.

Michael Hutchinson implemented code analyzation quite some time ago, now that we've branched 2.6 we can add new features to master. I've added quick fixes & joined the two systems.

Quick fixes are like refactorings - they change code. But unlike most common refactorings they're much more fine grained and may add code. For example adding a property setter.

When the caret is on a position where a quick fix is available a little icon is showed indicating the fix. In conjunction with the AnalysisCore source code can be highlighted indicating a more pressuring fix which - for example removing code smells.

I've made a little demo of what is currently available in MonoDevelop master:

Link to quick fix demo.

I can need more suggestions for quick fixes & indicators. I'll try to add as many as possible - unfortunately this feature doesn't make it into 2.6. But it's available in master as well as some other exciting features.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last minute MonoDevelop design change.

User surveys have shown that MonoDevelop users aren't happy with the text editor syntax highlighting colors. Now we've used an algorithm to determine the best color sheme possible.

I promise that with the new color sheme you won't stop typing.

With the new MonoDevelop color sheme simulations have shown that'll attract twice as much developers (even more female developers). You don't even have to choose the new color sheme - because we'll only support one for 2.6:

Ok here is the new color sheme in action - enjoy:

Any comments ?

If you've not guessed it yet - this is an april fool joke :)